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Precautions for riding a curved beam car

Apr 06, 2020

1. The curved beam car is light and the tires are small. Running fast is easy to cause safety accidents. Especially in summer, it is already hot enough. If you continue to run for 100 kilometers, it will be exhausted and not suitable for people who are in a hurry. It is best to choose the spring and autumn seasons to go out, and the winter and summer environment is too bad and inappropriate.

2. The speed of the car is generally controlled within 60 yards to ensure the stability of the car. Take a stroll in the neighborhood, run for half an hour, stop to watch the scenery, take pictures or smoke, drink some water, talk to someone about the next day, retirement or leisure An old man who has nothing to do can ride a curved beam like this.

3. You must plan the rest time with the curved beam motorcycle and motorcycle brigade. Basically, you have to rest for about two hours after riding, and you must ensure at least a half-hour rest time during the rest.