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Prediction of curved beam vehicles

Apr 04, 2021

The urban consumer market is not just scooters that dominate the world. Today, with product diversification and differentiation, curved beam scooters are competing for a place in the city side by side with other models, which reflects the current market trends. In addition, domestic motorcycle companies are facing the implementation of Euro III emissions and their own digital cdi ignition system, electronic injection system and other advanced technology reserves, making China's beam scooters no longer stay at the low-end level dominated by price wars in recent years. Competition. From simple to complex, from low-end to high-end, China's curved beam scooters have gone through the initial development history of introducing foreign obsolete models, and have gone through a confused era of " price wars " and low-quality and low-price competition. Nowadays, Chinese motorcycles have grown up. The industry makes every effort to create high-quality motorcycles - this is also the only way for the development of China's curved beam vehicles.