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Repair instructions for controller of the electric car

Jan 10, 2019

At present, controllers of different structural forms can be selected in the  electric car. In use, if there is no output from the brush controller, then the multimeter can be set in the +20 (DC) position, first measure the high and low potential of the output signal of the brake. If the brake lever has a potential change of more than 4V when the brake is applied, the brake will be eliminated.


In addition, it should be noted that the peripheral components of the electric car controller or the integrated circuit are abnormal. If there is, the fault can be eliminated by replacing the same type of device. And if you find that the brushless controller has no output at all, how to solve it?


At this time, the measurement chart can be checked according to the main phase of the electric car brushless controller, and it is noted that whether the gate voltage of the 6-way MOS tube is corresponding to the rotation angle of the turning handle. Conversely, it means that the PWM circuit or MOS transistor drive circuit in the controller is faulty. In addition, it is necessary to refer to the main phase check chart of the brushless controller to measure whether the voltage of the input and output pins of the chip has a corresponding relationship with the rotation angle of the switch, and can determine which chips are faulty, and replace the same type of chip to eliminate the fault.www.guoweimoto.com