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Selection and maintenance of electric tricycles

Mar 02, 2019

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle that is powered by a battery, driven by a motor or pulled by a person. The electric tricycle adopts tubular large capacity, left and right lining, deep discharge and traction type batteries, which can meet the requirements of continuous discharge for a long time. The battery is normally used for two years, and the content is not reduced.


The electric tricycle motor adopts DC series excitation traction type brushless or brushless motor, and the motor has a speed increasing force device inside, which is not easy to be damaged by normal use, which ensures strong output power. The electric tricycle motor uses a controller to control the current conversion to drive the car to travel and change the speed of the vehicle. The frame is a platform for carrying all the components, and the good body can not only be used conveniently but also better protect the various components of the electric vehicle.


The choice of electric tricycle should be considered from the aspects of frame, battery, motor and controller. Of course electric tricycle

It also needs maintenance during use. Keeping the lubrication of all parts of the electric tricycle can not only reduce the friction loss, but also improve the transmission efficiency and reduce the wear of the parts. At the same time, it can cool, clean, rust and seal. In order to make the components of the electric tricycle well lubricated, the lubricating oil must be selected according to the regulations.


A lot of work in the maintenance of electric tricycles is to tighten the bolted parts with torque requirements, and the special tools for electric tricycles are tightened according to the specified torque. When disassembling, the screws should be loosened or tightened in the order specified. The electric tricycle has a structure different from that of an internal combustion engine because it uses an electric motor instead of an engine as a power source and uses a battery as an energy source. Since the motor has the characteristics of direct starting with zero speed of the load, the electric tricycle can save the clutch and the gearbox under the condition of the performance of the motor, thereby greatly simplifying the driving system.www.guoweimoto.com