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Simple electric bike shopping knowledge explanation

Dec 23, 2017

In the face of the various types of simple electric bikes in the market, how can we choose a simple electric bike that is satisfied?What are some of the issues that need to be addressed in the process of using as a consumer?Let's take a look at the following.

For many users , the simple electric bike has become a very important partner in daily life.We can see all kinds of electric bikes, whether urban or rural.In comparison, its main advantage is economic benefit, and very energy conservation and environmental protection.

However, as the market expands, i many friends will be difficult to choose.First of all, while choosing, we should not blindly pursue the speed.There are many friends who want to drive as fast as possible.But the simple electric bike belongs to the category of non-motor vehicles, and the power, weight and load are all stipulated.

In terms of security, the maximum speed of a simple electric bike must not exceed the national standard, which means the speed of the bike must not exceed 20 kilometers per hour.Therefore, the products produced by regular manufacturers are equipped with speed limit devices, which have certain restrictions on the speed of the bikes, thus ensuring the safety of cycling.

Second, during the shopping period, never pay too much attention to the appearance of the bikes.There are still a lot of users who don't know about the simple electric bike, and don't know how to do it when choosing.In fact, during the shopping period, the main components of the bike should be considered, such as battery, motor, controller, etc.

The last, don't be too low on price. Especially in the market environment where the competition is particularly fierce, brands are striving for price performance. As the saying goes, "different quality, different price" If the price is too low ,then difficult to guarantee quality.So when choosing a simple electric bike, pay attention to the wall tube thickness of the frame, the quality of the plastic parts and so on.http://www.guoweimoto.com/