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Solutions to daily faults of electric tricycles

Dec 21, 2019

1. Open the electric door lock and the vehicle has no electricity

First, short-circuit the air switch, and then check to make sure that all battery cables are not loose. Strip the controller's positive and negative power cables and cut out one or two thin copper wires for ignition test. When the power supply is normal, it will immediately fire and fuse. Shorting the incoming and outgoing line of the electric door lock is actually the positive pole of the main power supply of the controller and the soft start line.

2. Turn on the night light motor and stop

Unplug or cut off the brake wires of the left and right brake levers, remove the tail light cannon, and cut off the power-off signal wire at the controller end (usually yellow and green, if you can't judge this step is omitted, don't turn on the headlights temporarily)

3. Normal driving but no light

Check whether the positive and negative poles of the DC converter and the 12-volt output terminal are reliably connected, then lead the positive and negative 12V from the first battery of the vehicle to the negative pole of the DC converter and the 12-volt output terminal, and finally check whether the switch assembly is reliably in contact.