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Some techniques for identifying the quality of electrical friction

Apr 14, 2018

In our daily life, electric motorcycle has made a lot of contribution to our trip. So when we buy vehicles, we also need to distinguish them, so as not to buy inferior products and affect our daily use, and bring inconvenience to our trip.


For the time being, the type and specification of the electric friction products are very rich in the market, so consumers may have some difficulties when they choose to buy them. Then, what aspects should we distinguish? Next, look at the specific content.


First, we need to see the product's qualification certificate. Usually, if the original electrical products are sold by the normal manufacturers, they will provide qualified certificates for the products.


Secondly, we also need to see whether the various parts of the electrical friction are printed with the manufacturer's logo. We know that the regular manufacturers of electric and friction manufacturers will have their own products marked with certain marks, and if there is no sign, they may be counterfeit products.


Third, when we choose to buy Electrical friction, it is best to check whether the frame number is consistent with the license number provided by the dealer. If it is not the same, it shows that there is a problem. Besides, relevant information should be provided to sellers, including three package vouchers, selling bills and warranty cards.


Finally, when selecting electric friction, we must pay attention to trial riding and feel the overall performance of the vehicle through riding. In addition, we should consider the performance parameters of the main components of the electric motorcycle as well as the appearance and workmanship of the car.http://www.guoweimoto.com/