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The advantages and disadvantages of the scooter

Feb 25, 2020

The advantage of the scooter is that the continuously variable transmission mode is easy to drive, easy to learn and easy to operate, suitable for both men and women, and is particularly suitable for urban road conditions with many people and many cars, and does not require frequent gear changes. In rainy days, it is not easy to throw mud on your body to stain your underwear. The pedals, front and rear storage boxes and the cargo box under the seat cushion are convenient for carrying your belongings. The center of gravity is low and the stability is also good. It is also convenient for women to wear skirts and beautiful in appearance. , There are not too many exposed parts.

The shortcomings of the scooter are mainly due to the high fuel consumption due to the stepless speed change, the low ground clearance, the small wheel size, and the short shock absorber stroke. It is only suitable for driving on flat and good roads, not for complex roads, and its tires are not very good. Suitable for mudstone and muddy pavement. The scooter has many plastic parts, and it is easier to damage these parts if you are not careful. The parts are all wrapped in the car. The maintenance is relatively troublesome. The engine power package is not good in heat dissipation, and the relative cost is higher. For example, the pedal of the same gear For cars, the price is slightly higher than comparable straddle and curved beam cars.