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The course and technological development of the electric bicycle

Oct 20, 2017

Electric bicycles have been popular in China, and still occupy a very important market position. In terms of technology, the torque sensor technology and integrated circuit controller technology of domestic electric bicycle are in the leading position in the world. Even some companies have applied these technologies to the production of components such as controllers, motor control valves and charging control.

From this perspective, the intelligent electric bicycle products will be more likely to be favored by consumers in the future domestic market. As we all know, in the traditional technology, the use of lead-acid batteries has more defects. It is not only of high quality and slow charging, but also causes greater pollution to the environment. However, with the continuous progress of technology, the emergence and application of new battery technology will bring strong vitality to the whole electric vehicle industry.

Among them, the more striking is lithium battery. This new type of battery compared to traditional battery products, has a great advantage. The application of lithium battery will further strengthen the use performance of electric bicycle, and also can reduce its use cost. At the same time, through the research of the charging technology, it will further improve the efficiency of the charging system in the future, so as to prolong the service life of the battery.

In fact, most of the batteries used by electric bikes are badly damaged by inferior chargers. Therefore, in the future technology research, it should combine the battery properties, effective control the loss of the battery in the charging process, so as to ensure the equilibrium of charge, so as to extend the service life of the battery.

In addition, there are many new technologies, such as new efficient motors, or the application of new materials. These new research results can further improve the energy efficiency of electric bicycles.

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