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The development trend of simple electric bike

Nov 15, 2017

At present, the market of electric bike in China is on a quite large scale, With the coming of the new era, the whole industry is faced with the upgrade and transformation.In such a situation, the development of simple electric bikes has also formed a new situation, and its models are gradually developing towards light and intelligent direction.

1、 simple electric bikes will be lighter and more intelligent.

Judging from the current market situation, the simple electric bike represents such kind of concept.This type of electric bike is not only more flexible and portable, but also meet the requirements of different users.Usually, lighter electric bike is more convenient for cycling, both lighter electric bike can reduces power consumption and saves power.

2、cost performance of simple electric bikes will be higher.

Considering the requirements above, realize high cost performance of Lithium electric bike is the key question in the gradually realize light and intelligent process .In other words, in the future market, the company can produce lithium electric bike in better quality and lower price or not will affect the future development of the product.If this can be achieved, then the lithium electric bike will naturally be accepted by the market.

3、the body material of simple electric bike is developing towards the light direction.

We also need to consider the quality of the body material.For the production enterprise, light profile of the simple electric bike body material is another important aspect that the enterprise needs to break through.In this way,it not only can guarantee the safety of products to a certain extent, but also help to improve overall performance

Beyond that, To ensure the quality of the simple electric bike, less material to use meant the lower cost to take ,then the price will be more advantageous .Also The higher the price ratio, the easier the consumer will accept ,that is the development law of manufacturing industry. And the same pattern for simple electric bike to follow , simple electric bike will continuous develop toward intelligence, light - shape direction.