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The difference between a curved beam car and a scooter

Apr 09, 2020

1. Transmission system, although these two types of models have the characteristics of simple operation, the scooter is a stepless automatic transmission, and the curved beam motorcycle is a stepped automatic split transmission. This difference makes the two models in In actual operation, it is still slightly different.

2. Performance, the difference in performance between curved beams and scooters with the same displacement is mainly focused on fuel consumption performance. Because of the difference in engine structure and transmission system, the fuel consumption of curved beams is obviously better than that of scooters. .

3. The sitting position of the model, the curved beam and the scooter are different due to the structural difference of the model, the leg space of the scooter will be relatively sufficient, the seat will support the buttocks more strongly, and the curved beam The car seat is narrow, and the riding triangle is not absolutely upright

4. Weight-bearing capacity, also because of the difference in body structure, the scooter will be better in load-bearing capacity. Its flat floor and space can be expanded to use, but the curved beam car does not have this advantage.