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The difference between an electric sport motorcycle and an ordinary electric vehicle

Nov 03, 2018

Similarly, with electric energy as the driving force, the main difference between electric sport motorcycles and ordinary two-wheeled electric vehicles lies in "volume" and "speed". In comparison, electric sport motorcycles are large and fast (the highest speed is higher than electric bicycles), and the price is relatively expensive, generally more than three or four thousand.


From the analysis of structural composition, in fact, the main components of electric sport motorcycles are: electric drive and control systems, drive power transmission and other mechanical systems, work devices to complete the task. The electric drive and control system is the core of the electric car, and it is also the biggest difference from the drive of the internal combustion engine. It is based on an ordinary bicycle, and is equipped with an electromechanical personal vehicle such as a motor, a controller, a battery, a steering handle, and the like.


When we use electric sport motorcycles, we mainly convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy by means of controllers, motors and other components to control the current to change the driving speed.http://www.guoweimoto.com/