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The difference between electric motorcycles and electric bicycles

Feb 19, 2019

Electric motorcycles are also a kind of electric vehicles, but they are still different from electric vehicles. Their top speed is increased from 20KM/H to 25KM/H. For electric motorcycles currently on sale, the speed is almost over 40KM/H.


The weight of the electric motorcycle body increased from 40KG to 55KG in the case of battery, and the electric bicycle sold now weighs almost 70KG; the motor power is adjusted from the original 240W to 400W; the front and rear track is no more than 1.25M, the left and right width Not more than 0.45M.


In addition, electric motorcycles have requirements for battery chargers, fire performance, etc. In general, a speed of more than 25KM / H, a weight of more than 55KG, a power of more than 400W can be called an electric motorcycle, must be licensed, driving license and insurance.www.guoweimoto.com