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The future development of motorcycles

Oct 16, 2017

Motorcycles Experience a century of wind and rain, are moving towards newer, faster and safer direction.

Modern motorcycle industry has introduced a lot of advanced technology. such as Harley-Davidson's 1998 launch of the FLHRC-1-type motorcycle, the engine adopted the world's top automotive engine technology-fuel injection device, not only improve the power, but also more suitable for the modern society's environmental needs, as the 21st century motorcycle pioneer. The application of the electronic control system, the radar ranging control system, the electronic map guidance system, the Sonic electronic muffler system and so on in some concept motorcycles makes the modern motorcycle become more perfect and more powerful.

At present, in the domestic market, China's motorcycle industry in large and medium-sized cities in China was "limited", "Ban Mo" impact, enterprise layout changes inevitable. China's motorcycle industry in the domestic market demand is obviously insufficient power, the overall stability of the export development, the whole industry economic performance is not optimistic, external market growth is better than the internal market. Under the crowding out of the city market, the domestic growth of motorcycle products in China is weak, the motorcycle enterprises only have to focus on the rural market and overseas market. China's motorcycle enterprises in the export competition, but also should pay attention to the protection of industry reputation, establish brand awareness, increase brand protection efforts.