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The history of scooters

Mar 29, 2020

The world's first motorcycle close to a scooter appeared in 1911. This car was invented by the Dutch. Compared to those riding a straddle scooter, the scooter makes passengers feel more comfortable. It can move legs together like driving a car. Interestingly, at the beginning, there was a car steering wheel in front of the scooter's body. If a German-made motorcycle is like a horse-drawn carriage, then the Dutch-made scooter looks like a two-wheeled car.

After the Netherlands, Americans also made a new type of scooter. Its groundbreaking design was to remove the bicycle-like beam and reduce the height of the entire body. The disadvantage is that its tires are too small. Nevertheless, at the beginning of the 20th century, scooters with simple structures and high practicability were rare. Such cars were not only produced in the United States at that time, but also mass-produced in Germany.

The emergence of scooters is a revolution. It has the advantage that straddling cannot be replaced. Especially for women, this kind of transportation is extremely convenient. In the 1930s, many countries in Europe began to produce this new model, and it was Italy that pushed the scooter to the climax. This is not because Italian ladies prefer mechanical transportation, but because of war. It was during the Second World War, Italy designed a folding scooter for airborne soldiers. This scooter can be folded, so it is small and soldiers can carry it with them.