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The power of the curved beam scooter

Apr 02, 2021

In the development history of curved beam vehicles, the topic of how to make the power faster and more energy-efficient on the original basis has caused domestic motorcycle manufacturers to rack their brains and make various attempts, such as the " automatic wave " that appeared in sales for a period of time . New products such as transmissions and energy-saving devices on transmissions, but for some reason, these new technologies disappeared after a period of time and have not been fully popularized. Among the power innovations, it is worth mentioning that in 2001 , Lifan developed and designed a small-displacement water-cooled engine with independent intellectual property rights and assembled it on a curved beam vehicle. The successful development of water-cooled curved beam vehicles is a milestone in the domestic motorcycle industry, filling the gap in domestic small-displacement water-cooled vehicles, and even surpassing the technical level of foreign counterparts in this field.