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The starting method of the curved beam car

Apr 07, 2020

When the normal start of the curved beam car is to start the car to warm up first, after the idle speed is stable, the first gear is shifted from neutral to the first gear, and then the fuel is slowly started.

Don't press the throttle first, then its centrifugal clutch will engage, and then when it is engaged in the first gear, it will suddenly jump forward. The automatic centrifugal clutch of the curved beam car will not turn off in any gear, as long as the throttle is stopped, it will gradually stop, and it can also be stopped in any gear.

When waiting for a red light, the gear should be reduced to neutral or first gear to facilitate the start again. Although the curved beam car can start in any gear, the high-end start is very expensive, so be sure to wait for the red light To downshift, you can't stop at high speed and start directly. If it is just a general deceleration instead of parking, it can be determined according to the situation, as long as there is no feeling of holding back when refueling, there is no need to downshift.