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The structural principle of the scooter

Mar 20, 2020

First of all, in the transmission case, the front part of the belt is clamped by the Puli disc and the wind blade, and the rear part is clamped by the rear clutch opening and closing disc. The fan blade is fixed on the crankshaft. When the crankshaft rotates, the fan blade rotates-the blade rotates when the fan blade rotates-and the rear of the belt is clamped by the rear clutch opening and closing plate, so the rear clutch It will also follow the rotation. When the number of revolutions is high to a certain degree, the centrifugal force of the three friction plates on the rear clutch is greater than the pulling force of the small spring. It is thrown outward and rubs with the bowl. Moved. While the belt rotates, it will also drive the Puli disc to rotate-the Puli disc rotation causes the Puli bead to be thrown away in the Zhi slide and generates a certain thrust to the Puli disc-making the Puli disc face on the sleeve Sliding in the direction of the fan blade-while sliding, the Puli disc generates upward and outward thrust to the belt. As the engine speed increases, the belt will move up and down, and the length of the belt is fixed Yes, the belt will go inwards in the opening and closing disc of the rear clutch.