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Trend Analysis of Electric vehicle consumption object

Apr 28, 2018

Combined with the current market analysis of electric vehicle consumers, most consumers pay more attention to the brand and quality of products. In other words, most consumers choose electric vehicles, the most important consideration is the brand and quality, and price considerations are much lower in the second place.

Therefore, in modern society, the priority of consumers is the quality of products, and rational economy (low price, low cost) is not the main consideration. We can see that many consumers in the purchase of this product is a sufficient psychological preparation for its price.

Of course, different users in the purchase of cars, psychological needs are different. For example, among the people who choose different models of electric vehicles, the people of bicycles more hope that the products will bring a realistic and reliable feeling (simplicity, good reputation, practicality, safety, efficiency, etc.) Calm and comfortable, and light people more to pursue the feeling of elegant fashion, reflect the grade.

From the overall consumption situation, the owner of the electric car market has gradually shifted from the city to the town and the countryside, extending from the east to the Midwest, due to the continuous improvement of the economic conditions, the enhancement of the awareness of the environment and the improvement of the rural roads. Among them, the female consumers are mainly used for work, and the middle-aged and the elderly are used for leisure and daily use. Need.

From the introduction above, people are concerned about the quality of products. Combined with data, most consumers have the highest requirements for electric vehicle features, such as portability, low power consumption, safety and durability. Office workers pay more attention to quality, good battery performance, portable, strong power, appearance fashion, low seating, stable, easy to charge, after-sales service guaranteed.

For now, most consumers agree that the average range of daily activities for electric vehicles is 22.72 kilometers, with the highest proportion of 20 kilometers and the largest range of 60 kilometers. According to statistics, the average daily mileage of electric vehicles is 20.34, with the highest proportion of 20 km.http://www.guoweimoto.com/