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Two structural types of electric vehicle controllers

Mar 14, 2019

Two structural types of electric vehicle controllers


The controller is one of the important components of the electric vehicle, and is mainly used to control the starting, running, advancing and retreating, speed, and stop of the vehicle. The controller is like the brain of an electric car. The controllers of different models also have different performances and features.


From the structural point of view, the controllers currently deployed in electric vehicles mainly include two structural forms, which are separate and integral. The so-called split type means that the controller main body and the display portion are separated. The latter is mounted on the handlebar, and the main body of the controller is hidden in the car compartment or electric box and is not exposed. In this way, the connection distance between the controller and the power source and the motor is shortened, and the appearance of the vehicle body is simple.


The one-piece structural design combines the control and display sections of the controller in a sophisticated, dedicated plastic case. The box is installed in the middle of the handlebar. The panel of the box has a number of small holes with a hole diameter of 4-5mm and a transparent waterproof membrane. Light-emitting diodes are provided at corresponding positions in the holes to indicate the speed of the electric vehicle, the power source, and the remaining battery power.www.guoweimoto.com