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Under what circumstances is it better to replace the electric friction battery?

Mar 02, 2018

It is a very important question whether the battery can be used normally for the majority of our friends. Since every item has a shelf life, how should we judge whether the battery needs to be replaced or not? Or is it possible to continue to use it after it has been repaired?

You should know that as the time goes on, the performance of the battery will slowly decline. As the performance drops, it will eventually become unserviceable. When we can't meet the demand for use, we will replace the battery. Do you know when it is reasonable to replace the battery?

We need to analyze this problem according to different circumstances. First, in normal use, if the battery life expires, then we need to replace the new battery. Second, during the service period, we need to replace the new battery. If the battery appears bulge phenomenon, it should be replaced in time. The reason for the occurrence of the drum is mainly due to the battery storage time is too long under the condition of lack of liquid, the battery is short of water or the charger is out of order.

In addition, in the process of using, if it is found that the electric motorcycle battery shell is damaged, it should also timely change, which is to ensure our safety. Also during use, if the battery plate appears broken, it means that the battery should be replaced. This usually mainly due to battery production process pass, such as battery welding does not meet the quality requirements.

In addition to the above, if a short circuit is found in the battery, the battery should also be replaced in a timely manner. This problem usually occurs in the battery, which is due to the lack of attention to excessive discharge during the use of the battery, resulting in the loss of lead on the plate. The accumulation of lead powder at the bottom will form a short circuit of the positive and negative plate slowly. Therefore, good usage habits should be formed during the use of electricity.http://www.guoweimoto.com/