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Urban consumers will return to electric vehicles?

Mar 09, 2018

The development of the electric car market also shows the degree of consumer preference for the product, and with the further development of technology, consumer change has never stopped. From the price war out of the quagmire of aspiring manufacturers, the electric car industry is there any gold mining? What potential can be tapped?

You should know that the market in major cities in the country is already an important position in the development of electric vehicle products. In some areas, the stock of this product is very substantial. And with the increasing problem of urban traffic congestion, Many fast-growing big cities tend to show high consumption level and strong individualized demand.

In such a market environment, the purchasing power of consumers is constantly rising, and the quality of life is also constantly improving, which undoubtedly promotes the self-expression demands of consumers in modern society. Therefore, in the current market, Fashion and personality are becoming more and more popular. As a result, brands dominated by differentiation and personalization are growing rapidly. That is to say, differentiated electric vehicle products with fashion and personality will be more popular.

Although the price of this category will be much higher than that of traditional electric vehicles, there is still strong demand. Overall, demand will increase further, especially at the high end of the market, which has opened up new consumers for electric vehicles.

At the same time, with the further development of the economy and the promotion and improvement of the rural highway project in China, The demand for ordinary electric vehicles in rural areas will also grow further, and these factors will have a great impact on the development of electric vehicle products.http://www.guoweimoto.com/