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What are the brakes for electric vehicles

May 05, 2019

The brakes of electric vehicles should adopt brakes with high sensitivity, strong braking force and easy to grasp. At present, most of the electric vehicles are still dominated by hand brakes, and the front and rear brakes are required to be complete, effective and maneuverable. The brakes are divided into rim gates, hub brakes and disc brakes.


The rim brake applies the braking force generated by the brake device to the edge of the electric vehicle wheel or the crown of the tire to decelerate or stop the rotating wheel in operation. The rim brakes mainly include: ordinary front and rear brakes, clamp gates and front brakes. When the clamp brake is braked, the left and right brake forks are clamped on the straight side rim like the pliers, so they are called clamp brakes. The clamp gate can be divided into a side pull type clamp brake, a middle pull type clamp brake, a cantilever clamp brake, a V-shaped brake and a flat push type V-shaped brake.


The ordinary front and rear gates in electric vehicles are a major tributary of the brakes family. For a long time, they have been widely used in China due to their low cost, convenience and long service life. The front brake is usually used in conjunction with the foot brake, that is, the rear wheel is the foot brake and the front wheel is the front brake.


In contrast, the hub brake is characterized in that the brake device is installed in the hub of the front and rear axles of the electric vehicle, and is in a closed and semi-closed state, which effectively reduces the maintenance of the brake; and ensures that the rim is wear-free and prolonged. The service life of the rim. According to the friction generation method, it is divided into: brake, rising gate, follower gate and foot gate.www.guoweimoto.com