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What are the maintenance measures for electric vehicles

Feb 18, 2019

Electric vehicles have gradually become our daily means of transportation, so we have to carry out timely maintenance of electric vehicles, so that electric vehicles can better serve us. The first is to check the rotating parts: whether the front and rear wheels and ankles, cranks, sprockets, chains, flywheels are working properly, and whether there is any foreign matter rubbing.


In electric vehicles, first observe the road traffic rules. Do not cross the red light. You should ride in the slow lane. Do not ride in the fast lane. When the traffic is crowded, turn off the electric door and manpower to ride; slow down when turning, avoid high-speed driving, sharp turn at small angles, causing excessive centrifugal force to cause a car accident.


Since the battery capacity of electric vehicles is not large and the motor power is not high, the load capacity of electric vehicles is generally around 80kg. If people ride, it will increase the load on the motor and speed up the battery consumption, thus reducing the service life of the battery motor. And also violated the provisions of traffic regulations.


When the electric vehicle is going uphill, on the upper bridge, or against the strong wind, it should be used simultaneously with electricity and manpower to reduce the load on the battery and the motor. Riding method at start-up: Generally, electric bicycles have a zero-start function, that is, the electric door is opened when the vehicle is stationary, and the vehicle can be started by turning the speed control and turning the car. However, the starting current at this time is two to three times that of normal driving, and the impact on the motor and the battery is great, especially the battery.www.guoweimoto.com