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What is the styling principle for low-profile electric motorcycles

Aug 18, 2018

The light and heavy relationship between the upper and lower surface of the electric motorcycle will directly affect the stability of the vehicle. It can be seen that certain criteria must be followed when designing the body. The basic condition of stability is that the lower the center of gravity, the closer to the ground, the higher the stability. Therefore, in the design of this electric motorcycle, squares and trapezoids are often used, and the colors are mostly colored, giving a light and smart aesthetic.


Considering that the low-position electric motorcycle has a low body position and a relatively small structure, it is necessary to combine the tail and the middle portion. The rear end extends rearward and the rear seats can be stacked to accommodate more or longer items. Considering that the tail shape of this model is more rigid, the design of the storage compartment can add some new and bold elements.


In addition, according to the streamlined design, the front end of the electric motorcycle is preferably of a lower design, and the rear end of the body needs to be thickened and raised, and the inclination tends to be gentle, and the waist line is low and high, forming a so-called "half. Hatchback shape.http://www.guoweimoto.com/