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Why electric scooters are our future

Jan 01, 2021

Therefore, China must work hard on alternatives. This is why China is crazy about " controllable nuclear fusion " technology, and it has begun to deploy rare earth metal mines all over the world, because whether it is the battery of electric vehicles now or in the future the fusion of raw materials, require a lot of lithium and rare earth metals (rare earth metals engines use electric vehicles, nuclear fusion materials " tritium " (read the word ' River ' synthesis) is to use lithium), China's lack of oil, but There is no shortage of rare earths and lithium. Once controllable nuclear fusion is achieved, mankind will gradually get rid of oil dependence, but requires a large amount of helium and rare earths. Africa will replace the Middle East as the richest region on earth. Do you now understand that the layout of Africa is not easy? Moreover, there are super-large iron ore mines in Africa, and our country is also tossing there. In the future, we can get rid of dependence on Australian iron ore. If China realizes fully electric scooters, it can greatly reduce its dependence on oil, because oil can only be shipped to China from a few countries such as Saudi Arabia and Russia. There are more sources of electricity, such as photovoltaics, hydropower, wind power, and nuclear power. China's huge western hinterland is also useful.