New Sport Street Legal Off Road Motorcycles

New Sport Street Legal Off Road Motorcycles
Product Details

Best sport motorcycle 


The turning performance of the best street sport motorcycles is excellent and the road performance is indestructible. Whether driving it for thousands of miles or shuttling in cities, you can feel the boldness and unprecedented pleasure. With superb technology and innovative design by Guowei, Owl Wind has opened a new field for the motorcycle world with excellent and outstanding performance. Enjoyable, light, comfortable, safe, think of what you think, surpass the ordinary; integrated with all dreams to satisfy different demands; if you have this motorcycle, what more could you ask for.

Technical parameters



Fr/ Rr tire :110/70-17/150/70-17

Max speed(km/h):100


Fr brake/ Rr brake:Disk/Disk

Max power(km/r/min):11/7500

Max torque(N.m/min):14/6000

Net weight(kg):165

New sport motorcycles characteristics

1. Operate easy.

2. Quality and price of high cost.

3. Optional colors and more.

4. Reduce pollution and emissions.

5. Performance security.

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