Top Sport Enduro Motorcycles

Top Sport Enduro Motorcycles
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Top sport motorcycles introduction

The top sport motorcycles are compact, and the light headlights are full of aesthetic vitality, making GW350-12B full of vitality. The smooth tail fairing increases SR maximum after the explosive force, outstanding and generous agility, but slender abdomen is  Aprilia silver ornaments. The double colored saddle is made from the sporty fabric, which meets the ergonomics requirements: it provides rider with a waist support, which guarantees comfort under any condition; the rear handle of the frame ensures the safety and reliability of the passengers.

Technical parameters



Fr/ Rr tire :110/70-17/140/70-17

Max speed(km/h):120


Fr brake/ Rr brake: Double Disk/Disk

Standard power(km/r/min):16.5/7500

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