Best Street Legal Scooters 800W

Best Street Legal Scooters 800W
Product Details

Best Street Legal Scooters 800W


The flameproof headlights of the 800w scooter are free from maintenance, brighter, far-distance and penetrating. The front tire area of the scooter includes a thickened vacuum tire, aluminum alloy hub, hydraulic front damping and strong hydraulic disc brakes. The LCD meter of the scooter is simple and fashionable with complete function and clear display. The aluminum alloy handle of the scooter is comfortable and durable, and the functions of buttons next to the handle are complete.

Technical Data


Dimension(mm): 18520*500*1150

Displacement(cc): 125

Fr tyre/Rr tyre: 3.50-10/3.50-10

Fr /Rr brake: Disc/Drum

Max speed(km/h): 80

Standard Power(kw/rpm): 5.0/7000