Retro Moto Off Road Scooter

Retro Moto Off Road Scooter
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Retro Moto Off Road Scooter


The headlights in front of the retro moto off road scooter are designed with double-layer lights, making it safer for drivers to drive at night. With the 10-inch vacuum tire design, the car's safety performance is greatly improved, and riding is more comfortable and safe. The thickened vacuum tire adopts a multi-layer thickening process, which is resistant to thorns, smashing, explosion-proof and wear-resistant.The airbag double shock absorption system can easily handle various road conditions.

 Technical Data



Fr/ Rr tire :3.50-10/3.50-10

Max speed(km/h):80


Fr brake/ Rr brake: Disk/Drum

Standard power(km/r/min):5.0/7000

Vehicle Name: Retro Moto Off Road Scooter

Vehicle model: GW125T-2F

Fuel: gasoline

Displacement (ml): 125

Power (kw): 5.0

Dimensions: 1850 × 690 × 1100 (mm)

Total mass: 235 (Kg)

Rated passenger: 2 (person)

Number of tires: 2

Maximum speed: 80 (km / h)

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Moto scooters Features

The SPS power system of the scooter and the configuration of three core components can greatly improve the start, speed, endurance mileage and lifespan of the overall vehicle. The scooter is a loyal partner to be around, whether to commute to work or to go on a weekend outing. The breakthrough power system, regardless of acceleration or climbing, ensures the free shuttle in the city.

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